2018/05/05 2 tracks Digital release and Cassette Tape

Loveform “Seek Shelter”

2018/06 Information

Takashi Ito Tribute “Illuminate Ghost”

3 tracks single

MGDR “Atheos” ep

3 tracks single

MGDR “Corroded” reissue ep (remixes)

16 tracks album / compiled from 1998/7~9 sessions

Loveform “Compact Evil”

2018/? Video work

Experimental Video “Animal Magnetism”

Photography Book

MGDR “The Floating”

Photography/Graphic Design Book ~2018/04

MGDR “Emotional Conflict”



3 tracks ep / extreme vapor

Loveform “Oxygen Concentrator”

2 tracks single drone recordings circa 2001-2002 / 2018.03.22

Loveform “Untitled Works I”

2 tracks single / 2018.03.22

Loveform “Hiding In My Room”

2 tracks single / 2018.03.21

Loveform “In Your Sleep”

10 tr. album / 2018.03.10 [OUT NOW]

Loveform “Analog Rituals I” album

Merch: White on Black Tee-Shirt [OUT NOW]

Loveform [HERESY]

3 tracks ep [OUT NOW]

Loveform [Parasites]

3 tracks ep  

Loveform [Until The Night Takes Us]

Photography Book

MGDR [Abstract Museum I]

Photography Book

MGDR [GR-ism 1]

Single / Reissue from 1999

MGDR [Millennium Phase]

4 tracks ep

Loveform [Betrayal of the Spirit]

7 tracks album

Loveform [HERESY]

6 tracks ep

Loveform [Sirius]

5 tracks ep

Loveform [WORMHOLE]

2018/03/12 “Analog Rituals I” been out for a couple days, thanks for the support!!
2018/03/02 Omnibus Audition: INFO
2018/02/24 Found split ep master tape I did with Rptort Shoot circa 1998. Will release it asap with bonus 24 page booklet of graphics and collage done by us two, winter 97/98. The booklet will only be available if you get the 8 track album @bandcamp. Follow us :)
2018/02/24 Fusion of MGDR, Palacion and Loveform’s websites. It’s all here now. Easier to browse all the projects.
2018/02/21 Loveform’s new album “Analog Rituals I” can be pre-ordered (with goodies) here > [Analog Rituals I]
2018/02/19 New modular gear ordered (4MS, Make Noise, Pittsburgh etc.)
2018/02/18 New e.p. “Parasites” pre-release on Bandcamp only. Later coming to Apple Music, Spotify etc. Update: It’s out @ all platforms now.
2018/01/13 : Compiling a series of tracks recorded in the Summer of 1998 in Japan and Switzerland. Working title “Compact Evil” inc. 16 tracks from drone 2 noise.
2018/01/08 : Working on a Tribute album to Takashi Ito. Recreation of 3 full soundtracks for 3 of his short movies.
2018/01/05 : New ep “HERESY” coming January 11th 2018

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