Audition for 100 artists

DRONE compilation

(1) Omnibus to be released on Palacion and distributed via all major outlets (Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc.)

(2) If there’s a demand and our physical distributor is interested, a limited edition CD Box and/or VINYL will be released.

(3) The compilation will be promoted to magazines and media

(4) Max number of artists : 100

(5) Style: Drone/Drone Noise only, no ambient, no guitars. Use pedals, modular, analog synths, max/msp, m4l, vcv, etc.

(6) The track should be produced for this compilation only. No pre-published material.

(7) One track per artist min 1 minute to max 10 minutes, unmastered, no clipping please, leave room for mastering.

(8) Technical : uncompressed .WAV or .AIFF file 24-bit (or 16-bit if there’s no other choice) / 44.1kHz.

(9) Artist photo (high def.) and bio for the massive booklet. If you have a logo, send a vector (.eps)

(10) You don’t have anything to pay to participate.

(11) Tour: No dates no promises, but some live acts might be able to tour with us. More info later.

Send mails to [Palacion]
Don’t include your files in the mail, just send a link to whatever file service you use (dropbox, mega, google drive etc.).

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