MGDR “GR-ism in Kabukicho” Exhibition at
Design Festa [Gallery Art Piece WEST W-6]

Sept.30th—Oct.9th 2019

住所 / Address: 150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingu-Mae 3-20-18.
JR Line Harajuku Station / Metro Meiji-jingumae Harajuku Station
マップ / Map:

世界中で利用可能。 サイズは60 x 40 cm、ラムダILFORDマットB / Wです。
この写真は、本[GR-ism 2] LTD 300に掲載されています。

Photo LIMITED 40, signed & numbered + certificate of authenticity.
You can buy the print for USD150, ¥15’000, €138 + a small shipping fee.
Available worldwide. Size is 60 x 40 cm Lambda ILFORD mat B/W.
This photograph is featured in the book [GR-ism 2] LTD 300.
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Note: The photo on sale has no logo on it.

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